Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amsterdam// The Netherlands


tpflei said...

great pics and still better was the gig in amsterdam.
regards from tobi (one of the twins, ben, you met one year ago at the antwerpen concert - whatever. looking forward seeing you at werchter). regards from stuttgart, germany

Ben Katz said...

Cool story--

I was studying abroad in Italy, and went to Amsterdam to see this show. We got ot hte venue a couple of days before to purchase tickets, but they were sold out. (We couldnt order them online, because it would have taken too long to ship them to Italy)
So, obviously, I am devastated.
The day of the show, I am walking on some random side street in Amsterdam with two friends and I see the band walking torwards me.
They were great guys and put me on the guest list for the show.
That show and the Milan show were two great memories from my time in Europe.

Can't wait to see the guys on 12/30