Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bozeman Montana//The Filling Station


Code Red said...

Thanks for posting these photos. Unbelievable show last night at the Filler in Bozeman. Unbelievable. I caught the late show and really appreciated the effort you all put forth to kick some serious ass after having already done so once. It was great to see you all having so much fun. Thanks for stopping off to play in Bozeman...such a rare, rare treat. I know it's not the most profitable place for music as a business, but we still appreciate the good stuff. Come back sometime, and bring Midlake and some other friends with you. :-)


TollBoothElvis said...

i wish I had known you were going to be passing through town with these guys. i would have loved to say HELLO to an old Kraktoan early morning fool! Next time you roll through Chicago let me know! MELANIE