Saturday, November 24, 2007

San Francisco//The Fillmore


Chris said...

hey ...great wall of sound...but you guys need a guitar hero...all those les pauls and no soaring solos/improv...what gives? that's the only missing link (other than 10 more years on the road that will help you write better lyrics)...seriously...the tour bus too...i thought you had indie cred, but that bus is pure kenny rogers playing mohegan it ironic? anyway, enjoyed the sounds...especially the good choice of opening acts with the drones (who really seem like they like sonic youth, and may be genetically linked to pete townshend...)...rock on (and don't shave off the beards like those pussies MMJ!!!

The Lonely Robot said...

I saw you in July at the Great American Music Hall and didn't think you could surpass that show.

How pleased was I that you BROUGHT it to the Fillmore! Great set, great connection with the crowd (siezures and all), and I really enjoyed seeing you guys having so much fun up there.

You are one of the few bands out there that sound better live. I'll look forward to seeing you again next time your roll through town.