Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Fifi said...

so very glad i was able to make it to the NYC show all the way from NC! it was amazing!

mimid said...

Amazing show. We found out you were in New York when we were visiting there on holiday from the UK. Loved the venue at Terminal 5 too. Planning on seeing you when you get to the UK in Feb. Will probably do the Birmingham gig on 23 Feb (day after boyfriends birthday). Edith Bowman on Radio One is a big fan here in the UK which is how we discovered your music. Keep up the good work. Mimi (Southampton, UK)

Andy Poole said...

Due to a mix up in dates, we had to miss The Twang with Little Man Tate supporting on saturday 3rd Nov, in Southampton UK and we were a little pissed off,as that was the day we flew out to NYC from the UK. Started surfing the net to see what gigs were happening in NCY and your name popped up!
You guys have just started to get national airplay in the UK on Radio 1 with Is There a Ghost and my girlfriend and i love it, we bought both albums on the strength of it and are not disapointed. So seeing you guys were playing about 4 blocks from our hotel was fantastic.
The gig rocked, you guys banged and we had a great view from the balcony (we're getting on you know!)Very slick and very tight, you were fantastic.
And now i see you are playing the Carling Acadamy in my home town Birmingham, UK, on the saturday after my birthday, bring it on!! its fate, we gotta join you guys after the show for a few beers and Jd'S!